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What is the best school in the world? TEDx Sofie Roux

TEDx Vancouver

"In her talk, Sofie is on a quest to answer the question "What is the best school in the world?" that began circulating during college applications in senior year of high school. The quest spans from rainy Vancouver, Canada across oceans to warehouses and workshops in South Africa to rural landscapes of Malawi."

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Their purpose is my purpose TEDx Sofie Roux

TEDx Crofton House School

"Exploring the possibility of sustainable IT facilities and empowering children worldwide.  This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community."

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Vancouver teen honoured for her work helping girls in Africa

Gordon McIntyre | 2021

"Sixteen-year-old Sofie Roux donated close to $100,000 she made through sales of her art."

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De Vancouver, aider de jeunes Africaines à recevoir une éducation

Radio-Canada | 2021

Une adolescente de 16 ans de Vancouver est la seule Canadienne à avoir reçu le Barron Prize, un prix américain qui célèbre les jeunes héros de la société. Sofie Roux consacre tout son temps libre depuis plus de dix ans à aider des filles africaines à recevoir une bonne éducation. « Les filles qui accomplissent leurs rêves, c'est mon plus gros rêve. »

Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 8.54.40 AM.png

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Canadian student boosts e-learning in Mulanje

Nation Online | 2022

"Mulanje district director of education, youth and sports Enock Chumachawo says newly-established computer laboratory at Milonga and Chambe secondary schools will boost education standards in the district."

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"Creating social change, one step at a time" This GL girl tells her story

Girls' Life Magazine | 2021

"Sofie Roux, 16, was only in pre-K when she decided she wanted to help girls in South Africa get the best education possible. Her's how she made her big dreams real—and how you can dream outside the box, too. "

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