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Identify and study

Site selection depends on local needs, leadership of local educators, and community and government engagement. Site surveys include assessments of educational requirements, energy considerations,  maintenance and sustainability, and extent of need for integration with existing education infrastructure.


Design and test solar system

The solar system is purpose-built for the specific installation. Energy needs are calculated based on expected use of computers and other electronic resources, and the solar arrays, panels, and wiring are configured to exceed these requirements.

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Upcycle container

Like the solar system, the structure of the BloomBox is tailored to the anticipated position of the structure in order to improve access to sunlight and integrate seamlessly with the local built and natural environments, as well as to meet the specific educational requirements of students and educators.


Configure retractable roof

Once solar, electrical, and structural configurations have been made, the  retractable roof is ready for its own configuration. The roof is purpose-built to function smoothly in its intended environment

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BloomBox installations have been, and will be, in rural, remote, and often difficult to access locations. The BB Lab is designed for transport. Once it has been assembled and tested, it is shipped to its intended location. The logistics for this move often requires months of preparation.



The BloomBox requires placement on its foundation, and assembly of its external and internal components, including the solar system, furniture, electronic equipment, including computers and servers. The BB team has developed considerable expertise in this step, and can accomplish it within 3 days. 



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On launch day, the educators who commissioned the BloomBox and helped with design and implementation at every stage, receive a fully functional modular, solar powered, STEAM learning lab, equipped with overhead lights, fans, 20 laptop computers, chargers, a printer, an overhead projector, modular furniture that can be reoriented to accommodate a spectrum of educational needs, and a bright and welcoming indoor/outdoor space that can be configured to accommodate classes or individual students comfortably.



BloomBoxes are connected to Starlink satellite internet. The computers in the lab connect to all the resources on the RACHEL off-grid educational server, as well as internet! With the upcoming launch of our SuperBloom Global Knowledge Network App, students at BloomBoxes will be able to connect with high school and university students around the world through 1-minute videos, supported by Starlink. We are so excited about this next step. It opens up a planet that has been waiting for the creativity and ideas of the brilliant students at BloomBoxes across Malawi. 

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